Hi there!

I’m Adriana. I am a creative at heart, inspired by a fascination with technical logic. I'm particularly interested in the implications of mathematics in user interfaces, both visually and computationally.

I'm currently having fun during my work days building Mapbox Studio, a broswer-based design tool that empowers anyone to create beautiful, radically custom maps.

Before that, I graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a double major in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and a certificate in Human-Centered Design. During my time at Berkeley, I taught an HCI course at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and designed more things that I can even remember for Cal Hacks.

Most of the time you're likely to find me riding one of my (always Reynolds steel-framed) bikes, studying Japanese, sketching in a museum, shooting urban photography, or being a geek about art history (particularly anything Danish). I'm also really into public transit systems & urban design!